About Gardener’s Choice®

Product Information

BAM-FX Gardener’s Choice® is a new, ready-to-use Home & Garden product containing a unique formula that immediately improves nutrient uptake by the plant. Fruit trees, vegetable, and flower plants all need a continuous supply of nutrients for optimal growth and yield. By improving nutrient uptake, plants can direct their energy to increased rooting, strength, and flowering, naturally preparing to cope with stressful plant conditions.

Multi-purpose Formula: While most other plant care products are specialized by plant type, Gardener’s Choice is effective for both indoor and outdoor use on fruit, vegetable, shrub and flowering plants, during all stages of growth.

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  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Improves nutrient absorption and use
  • Increases root structure
  • Improves nutrients in the plant and soil
  • Increases yield and quality
  • Increases fruit size and amount
  • Markedly improved plant strength
  • Improves end product’s nutritive contents and value
  • Earlier flowering
  • Can be used as a standalone product or is compatible with and enhances the performance of other products, such as fertilizers and micronutrients.


Shake well before use. For vegetable, flowering annuals and all ornamental plants, spray stems and leaves every 6-8 days. For optimal results, use during all stages of plant growth and development. Not recommended for use on roses.


The platform technology used to develop Gardener’s Choice was designed for NASA astronauts to sustain plant growth on long duration space missions. With our roots in space and commercial agriculture, we have developed a ready to use Home & Garden product.

Gardener’s Choice Testimonials

I decided to use Gardener’s Choice on my cut Christmas tree when I heard the product works well on cut flowers. So, I sprayed the entire tree and put a small amount into water in the stand. The next day, we saw a noticeable difference. It seemed fuller with a brighter green color…

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Rachel K.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I received a few of samples of Gardener’s Choice at the recent tradeshow and decided to try the product on my greenhouse plants. We are a small landscape business that relies on the planting business and we grow most of our own plants during the winter months. I used the product on…

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John M.

Accent Landscaping , Anderson, Ohio