I received a few of samples of Gardener’s Choice at the recent tradeshow and decided to try the product on my greenhouse plants. We are a small landscape business that relies on the planting business and we grow most of our own plants during the winter months. I used the product on our hanging basket plants because they are usually the most difficult to grow and maintain. We applied Gardener’s Choice to the soil first and then, as the plants grew, to the foliage. To our amazement, the plants have really taken off. They seem to be a couple of weeks ahead of other similar plants that we grow in large containers. We can really see the difference in the color and the growth stage of the plants that we used the Gardener’s Choice on.

We plan to use Gardener’s Choice an all of the plants we grow and install and plan to offer a service this spring to our customers to treat their existing plants. The product will hopefully increase our revenues, reputation and most importantly profits!