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Product Information

Product Information

Our new, ready to use Home & Garden liquid micronutrient product, provides immediate nutrition to plants to achieve optimum growth and maximum yield.

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Customer Reviews

Read about our wonderful customers’ experiences using Gardener’s Choice on fruits, veggies, flowers, and more.

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Gardener’s Choice formula contains an exclusive ingredient that delivers a highly bioavailable form of zinc, providing immediate nutrition to plants.

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Gardeners choice, Gardener's Choice, BAM-FX


Home & Garden Micronutrient


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Improves nutrient absorption and use
  • Increases root structure
  • Improves nutrients in the plant and soil
  • Increases yield and quality
  • Increases fruit size and amount
  • Markedly improved plant strength
  • Improves end product’s nutritive contents and value
  • Earlier flowering
  • Can be used as a standalone product or is compatible with and enhances the performance of other products, such as fertilizers and micronutrients

What our Customers

are Saying

  • I received a few of samples of Gardener’s Choice at the recent tradeshow and decided to try the product on my greenhouse plants. We are a small landscape business that relies on the planting business and we grow most of our own plants during the winter months. I used the product on our hanging basket plants because they are usually the most difficult to grow and maintain. We applied Gardener’s Choice to the soil first and then, as the plants grew, to the foliage. To our amazement, the plants have really taken off. They seem to be a couple of weeks ahead of other similar plants that we grow in large containers. We can really see the difference in the color and the growth stage of the plants that we used the Gardener’s Choice on.

    We plan to use Gardener’s Choice an all of the plants we grow and install and plan to offer a service this spring to our customers to treat their existing plants. The product will hopefully increase our revenues, reputation and most importantly profits!

    John M., Anderson, OH

  • I know autos don’t like being beaten with nutes so all I do is give pH water and a couple teaspoons of dry amendments and they aren’t showing any deficiency. I also foliar spray weekly at lights out with Gardener’s Choice, and I don’t think I’ll ever do a grow without it. Very noticeable resource.

    Jerry S., Washington, DC

  • I decided to use Gardener’s Choice on my cut Christmas tree when I heard the product works well on cut flowers. So, I sprayed the entire tree and put a small amount into water in the stand. The next day, we saw a noticeable difference. It seemed fuller with a brighter green color… almost as if it was growing. After decorating, we had a wonderful looking tree for Christmas and our New Year’s party. After a month, we took the tree down and noticed there were only a few needles on the floor. The tree could’ve of lasted another couple of weeks. I’ll definitely be using Gardener’s Choice on my plants outside this spring. Great Product!

    Rachel K., Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Gardeners Choice is awesome! I saw an amazing difference in my vegetable garden in just 1 day. The leaves were greener, standing more upright and reaching for the heavens. It’s as if they came alive! These before and after photos were taken 12 days apart.

    Bonita Adams, Miami, FL

  • Amazing product! Really works! I had a chance to use Gardener’s Choice this summer on my tomato plants in my garden. I had four plants and decided to use Gardener’s Choice on two of the plants and normal care for the other two plants. After four weeks, applying Gardener’s Choice every 7 to 10 days to the plant foliage and soil, I was amazed at the difference in the plants with Gardener’s Choice. They had fruit blossoms (tomatoes) starting to form. The other two plants without Gardener’s Choice had very small blooms and no sign of fruit yet.

    After another two weeks, the plants with Gardener’s Choice had tomatoes ready to eat (large and very red). The other two plants without Gardener’s Choice had fruit, but were still green and smaller in size. At the end of the summer, both plants had produced tomatoes, but there was a noticeable difference in the size, quantity, color with taste!

    Chris K., Cincinnati, OH

  • I love Gardener’s Choice. I grow herbs and spices, tomatoes and flowers in my garden that have never really done well until I started using Gardener’s Choice. I’ve also used it on my houseplants and it really makes them green and healthy. A must have.

    Linda Carter, Voorhees, NJ

  • We thought this flowering bush had died. We sprayed BAM-FX. For over a week, nothing but shriveled and dying leaves, no flowers at all. After two weeks, a sign of life. Here it is after 3 weeks from BAM treatment. Wow. It worked! (Testimonial photos 11/7/19 and 11/22/19)

    Stuart S., Boca Raton, FL

  • Been using this for my indoor plants and they’re thriving.

    Jamie R., Nashville, TN

  • I heard about Gardener’s Choice from my neighbor. This year I started late planting my tomatoes. On July 25th I started my plants from seeds. The following week, I decided to use the Gardener’s Choice product to help accelerate the growth process. Upon transplanting the plants to the garden (2 weeks later) I applied another application of Gardener’s Choice. I’m truly amazed how quickly the plants have grown and already producing tomatoes (almost ready to pick and eat) in less than 30 days!! The plants look healthy and seem to be stronger (thicker branches and stems). I will have tomatoes to eat by Labor Day. Can’t wait to try Gardener’s Choice on my other plants! Thank you.

    Inge Borucki, Cincinnati, OH