Amazing product! Really works! I had a chance to use Gardener’s Choice this summer on my tomato plants in my garden. I had four plants and decided to use Gardener’s Choice on two of the plants and normal care for the other two plants. After four weeks, applying Gardener’s Choice every 7 to 10 days to the plant foliage and soil, I was amazed at the difference in the plants with Gardener’s Choice. They had fruit blossoms (tomatoes) starting to form. The other two plants without Gardener’s Choice had very small blooms and no sign of fruit yet.

After another two weeks, the plants with Gardener’s Choice had tomatoes ready to eat (large and very red). The other two plants without Gardener’s Choice had fruit, but were still green and smaller in size. At the end of the summer, both plants had produced tomatoes, but there was a noticeable difference in the size, quantity, color with taste!